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Industrial Gas
From liquid nitrogen, nitrogen gas, ultra high purity gas to carbon dioxide CO2, get all kinds of industrial gases at A A Traders. Our company supplies these gases to chemical, rubber and other industries.
Gas Cylinders
When it comes to gas cylinders, we have propane gas cylinders, argon gas cylinders, helium gas cylinder and more. These gas cylinders are ideal to be used in pharmaceutical, engineering, gas chromatography, spectrometers, FMCG, chemical and other industries.
Gas Pressure Regulator
Our line of gas pressure regulators, include single stage gas regulator, compressed gas regulator, double stage gas regulator and more. The regulator can be installed and used safely and efficiently on a variety of cylinders.
Dura Cylinders
Dura Cylinders are commonly used to provide gas at pressures. These cylinders can deliver a constant gas flow automatically. They will build and sustain pressure. The control regulator will supply gas from the tank vapor pressure if the pressure exceeds 300 psi. They are safe to use.
Welding Gases
Welding gases we can make available are argon, helium and nitrogen. We supply these gases to workshops and industries of any size. Whether you want single kind of gas or combination of cylinders, we can meet your requirement.
Dissolved Acetylene Gas
Dissolved acetylene gas provided by A A Traders is majorly used for gas welding, The other applications of this kind of gas are gas welding, jointing, cutting, flame heating, flame gouging, flame cleaning and flame straightening.
Liquid Nitrogen Containers
Cryocan Of Liquid Nitrogen is one of the liquid nitrogen containers used in several industrial applications. Available in capacities ranging from 1.5 L to 55 L, this aluminum made container can also be used in labs and personal application.
Calibration Gas Mixtures
Our calibration gas mixes are carefully produced to guarantee accurate and constant gas concentrations, satisfying the exacting standards of numerous industries. They offer a trustworthy and precise method for calibrating gas detectors and analyzers.
Sulphur Dioxide Gas
To produce our sulphur dioxide gas with the highest level of precision and dependability for our clients' applications, outstanding purity is required. We adhere to strict quality control processes to make sure the gas meets or exceeds industry standards.
Ultra High Purity Gases
Introduce yourself to our Ultra High Purity Gases, the peak of gas quality for demanding critical applications. These Gases are created for sectors including semiconductor production, research labs, electronics, and medicines.
Hydrogen Gas
We now provide our Hydrogen Gas, a flexible and effective answer for a wide range of industrial applications. It can be also be used as an energy carrier and stored for later use.
Butane Gas
Because it is accessible in portable canisters, butane gas is simple to use and carry in a variety of situations. It is frequently utilised in camping stoves, portable warmers, and other outdoor equipment.

 We are accepting Bulk Quantity orders mainly from Maharashtra and Pune.